quilted type inflatable protective packaging

Quilted Type

YompBox™ provides the perfect fitting inflatable air chamber packaging and air column wrapping solutions for your industry!

Once your product is placed within YompBox™ air-chamber packaging and it is inflated, your item is safe within a 360 degree bubble envelope of protection. This makes YompBox™ the superior choice for shipping valuable or fragile goods. The independent air chambers allow for constant pressure control and protection redundancy. If one chamber were to fail, the others will remain intact.

YompBox™ inflatable protective air-column packaging offers lower DIM Weight with a savings of up to 30% without sacrificing any product protection. This means your shipping packages are lighter and smaller – allowing for increased trailer load capacity and decreased labor required for loading and unloading shipments.

Moisture resistant and waterproof, our air column bags are superior for damp conditions and ideal for protecting goods shipped to flood prone areas. Cardboard, recycled paper pulps, and other types of packaging can lose their integrity in humid environments.

Contact us today to learn more about YompBox inflatable protective air-chamber packaging solutions for your shipping business!

We cater to:

  • E-commerce Businesses
  • Bulk Item Packaging, Shipping, and Storage
  • Fragile Home Goods Sellers
  • Beverage Packaging, Shipping, and Storage
  • Musical Instrument Manufacturers
  • Equipment & Instrument Shipping
  • Specialty Foods & Home Goods
  • Industrial Goods & Equipment Shipping Protection