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YompBox™ is high strength, inflatable protective packaging. We are your e-commerce “box-less” shipping solution!

Since 2011, our foundation has been built upon in-house research and development. An ISO9001/2008 global design and manufacturing consortium offering superior protective packaging in multiple standard stock sizes (inflatable bags, inflatable wrapping material, block and brace void-fill, and our patent pending Inflatable Mailer Envelope).

Proudly serving and supplying a a variety of global markets, our systems approach to inflatable on-site protective packaging is inclusive of semi and fully automatic fulfillment equipment. YompBox™ packaging solutions are perfect for industries shipping electronics, ceramics, furniture, pharmaceuticals, toner cartridges, electrical goods, and specialty foods.

Our air column packaging has helped to reduce DIM Weight shipping costs by 30% and warehouse space by 90%. All of our products are inflatable on-site and compliment ship-to-store, ship-from-store, e-commerce fulfillment, returns, as well as other packing and delivery needs.


Why choose YompBox™ Air Column Bags and Packaging versus other types of Packaging?

The culmination of of years of design, engineering, and an entrepreneurial spirit – our products change the packaging industry with new technology, space saving design, and ease of use.

YompBox™ air column packaging has benefits that surpass many other conventional types of shipping containers and boxes.

  • Decreased Storage Space

    The storage needs for YompBox™ inflatable packaging is minimal, making your valuable warehouse space free to store more actual product inventory, so you can sell more! In fact, get up to 90% warehouse space reduction versus pre-formed foam packaging and cardboard! Our packaging is stored flat and only inflated when you need it. With standardized and custom size availability, our “bubble-on-demand” inflation makes saving space easy.

    Using YompBox™ air column packaging helps to simplify your production work flow and helps to decrease work space clutter. Pre-made cardboard forms, styrofoam, EPE pearl cotton (expandable Polyethylene Foam), Korrvu, and injection molded pulp forms all require a significant amount of storage space in your packing and shipping area.

  • Protection Type & Quality

    Once your product is placed within YompBox™ packaging and it is inflated, your item is safe within a 360 degree envelope of protection. This makes YompBox™ the superior choice for shipping valuable or fragile goods. The independent air chambers allow for constant pressure control and protection redundancy. If one chamber were to fail, the others will remain intact. Other cushioning block and brace packaging materials require more assembly time and may only protect corners or sides. YompBox air column bags cover a multiple applications – from protecting large electronics like Computers and Flatscreen TVs, to small portable electronics such as laptops, tablets, mobile phones, and drives.

    Our inflatable packaging is also ideal for the protection of valuables, antiques, and some musical instruments. Durable and waterproof, our air column bags are great for consumer goods such as wine, liquor, specialty honey or preserves, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and personal care products. Fragile items such as eyeglasses, toner cartridges, dental molds and prosthesis, porcelain fixtures, glass, and ceramic items can all be protected with YompBox™ packaging.

    YompBox is your source for ITAD / Refurbished Electronics Inflatable Protective Packaging. IT asset disposition (ITAD) businesses, built around disposing of obsolete or unwanted equipment in a safe and ecologically-responsible manner, can depend on our reliable packaging solutions. ISTA tested and approved – meeting the stringent packaging guidelines of the International Safe Transit Association.

  • No Tooling Charges

    YompBox™ air column bags do not require any tooling charges – they are ready when you need them. Pre-made cardboard forms, styrofoam, EPE pearl cotton, and injection molded pulp forms all require a significant investment in tooling charges to customize them for your purposes.

  • Superior Moisture Resistance

    YompBox™ inflatable packaging is moisture resistant and waterproof. Our air column bags are superior for damp conditions and ideal for protecting goods shipped to flood prone areas. Cardboard, recycled paper pulps, and other types of packaging can lose their integrity in humid environments.

  • Environmental Factors Considered

    YompBox™ inflatable packaging is reusable for several years. This makes this packaging ideal for products that may sustain damage if shipped via conventional methods. The 360 degrees of protection decreases returns due to damage, and if a return has to occur, the packaging can be used again for it’s safe return. End users can also reuse the packaging for other purposes of packing and storing items. The air columns hold their air well, and lose only about 2% of firmness over a 2 year period.

  • Pleasing Appearance

    With many inflatable shapes and applications to choose from, YompBox™ is also customizable with your company branding or other information. A variety in color may also be chosen – as well as options on bubble type, columns, cell widths, and anti-static properties.

  • Cost Savings in Assembly & Shipping Labor

    YompBox™ inflatable packaging offers superb, yet lighter weight, protection for reducing overall shipping costs. During the assembly and packing process, YompBox™ materials reduce the need for frequent stops to restock packing lines, as well as eliminates the extra labor needed to retrieve conventional packing materials from warehouse racks. The lightweight materials and on-the-spot inflation capabilities make for a cleaner and smoother overall work flow. With a labor cost savings of up to 60% – you and your workforce will also appreciate the decreased amount of hand assembly needed.

    Your sales and customer service will also recognize the worth of YompBox™ packaging. It helps to virtually eliminate damaged products and minimizes return or refund requests – as your goods will be properly protected, YompBox™ inflatable packaging helps to reduce the costs of reverse logistics.

  • Lower Dimensional Weight

    YompBox™ can boast a Dimensional Weight savings of up to 30% without sacrificing any product protection. This means your shipping packages are lighter and smaller – allowing for increased trailer load capacity and decreased labor required for loading and unloading shipments.

YompBox™ has the right packaging solutions for your industry!

  • E-commerce Businesses
  • ITAD - Information Technology Asset Disposition & Disposal
  • Packaging for Refurbished Electronics Disposition Services
  • Wine & Spirits Packaging, Shipping, and Storage
  • Beverage Packaging, Shipping, and Storage
  • Musical Instrument Manufacturers
  • NAMM - National Association of Music Merchants
  • Equipment & Instrument Shipping
  • Specialty Foods & Home Goods
  • Cold Chain Shipping
  • YompBox™ COOL for Foods & Specialty Drinks
  • Industrial Goods & Equipment Shipping Protection

Inflation Equipment

Our Inflation Machines are simple and easy to use, speeding up your production line. Just place the tip of the inflation nozzle into the “air intake port”, and each “air chamber column” will fill individually and uniformly at the same precise air pressure.

Q-Type Inflator-100

Fully Automatic Machine for Q-Type air chamber packaging bags. Inflates over 10,000 bags per day.


Tabletop inflation machine designed for the retail environment. Inflates less than 300 bags per day.

Pillovina-100 Inflation Machine


Regulator Extension Hose for individual air chamber packaging bags. Inflates less than 150 bags per day.

REG-200 Regulator Extension Hose with Foot Pedal


Regulator Extension Hose for individual air chamber packaging bags. Inflates less than 25 bags per day.

REG-100 Regulator Extension Hose

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