Pillovina-100 Inflation Machine


Table-Top Inflation Machine for use with individual bags for air chamber packaging

Less than 300 bags per day

  • Retail Table-Top Inflation Machine
  • Aesthetically pleasing machine designed for the retail environment, whereas occasional usage and low-noise are the environmental norm
  • Wine bottle air column bags filled in less than 4 seconds (estimated)
  • Offered with foot-pedal, for on-demand usage
  • 110V

Our Inflation Machines are simple and easy to use, speeding up your production line. Just place the tip of the inflation nozzle into the “air intake port”, and each “air chamber column” will fill individually and uniformly at the same precise air pressure.

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We cater to:

  • Distribution Centers
  • Packaging Warehouses
  • Shipping Companies
  • Small Businesses
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